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KINDAI PERMATA CILEGON Tours & Travel is a wholly owned Indonesian Company. Operation of the company began at 2002 as branch of PT Kindai Tours and Travel. Later on, on March 2nd, 2005 Kindai Permata Cilegon is established ,which is managed and operated separately from PT Kindai Tours and Travel. The purpose of company is provide traveling services to all sectors. It rapidly expanded and diversified into a fully integrated Travel Agency in the tourism industries.
We are a tour & travel Agency, which is developing and expanding our activity to various countries. Principal markets are Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East, South East Asia, North America and Europe.
Recent to that we would like to introduce our Company KINDAI PERMATA CILEGON tours & travel as one of the quality travel agency to provide one stop services in the Travel Industries.
In a service business such as ours, the quality of personals determines the success of any endeavor. The vision and management excellent of our team has been responsible for KINDAI PERMATA CILEGON tours & travel rapid growth. Teamwork has made the Company what it is today, it will continue to be the basis of our future development.
It is our aim to continue the tradition of being the one of the best philosophy, which id reflected in the standard of excellence in all our operations. We will continue to identify and develop additional, diverse yet integrated travel business in this sector. We believe that our standard of excellence in every sphere will enable us to deliver value to our customer.

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